【Flash Report】2017 H-1 GPX 1st Match at Shin Tone River on April 23rd★

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The winner had already fished the limit of bass within 17 minutes after beginning the H-1GPX tournament.

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1st H-1GPX Match at Shin Tone River

If you can not understand H-1 GPX, please read this article first to complement your understanding.

Have you ever heard H-1 GPX?


Finally, 2017 H-1 GPX had been started since last Sunday(4/23) held in Shin Tone River.


<Angler> 128 anglers joined H-1 GPX tournament.(Weigh In ratio 51%) 

<Weather> Sunny day

<Temperature> 9-20 ℃

<Water Temp.> 17-18℃

<Water condition> Muddy water

Tournament Time had been changed 


Once opening ceremony and address were done by Mr. Mistuo Suzuki, tournament rule was also explained by him.

The competition time had been changed from 14 pm to 13 pm to make weigh-in and closing ceremony smooth. As angler had an 1 hour shorter than before, time management is required for them.

Mutual tackle checking is indispensable

Due to the increasing number of angler, mutual tackle checking had been obligated each other

In the past, it had been done by H-1 organization.


By doing mutual tackle checking, both checking and checked side had to have a responsibility each other.

Angler is allowed to use only Hard bait for fishing Large mouth bass  at H-1 GPX.

Angler sometimes forgot taking off “Plastic worm” and “Trailer hook” from their tackle box.

They have to fill in the tackle check form after completing strict tackle check.

During the tackle checking, they can not help chatting about their tackle like rod, reel, lure and etc lol.

This is Japanese Bass fishing Style!

When angler set the rental boat, As 1 battery is not enough to support rental boat, angler usually use 2 batteries for tournament. Most of angler use high-power electric motor like Motor Guide Tour -82lb or 109lb . These electric motor power is quite dangerous to move small boats, therefore angler has to be careful when we use them by rental boat.


Of course, you know,  electric motor is usually used for supporting component of bass boat, but Japanese angler tend to use this electric motor as a main supply power to move small rental boats.

The reason is we unfortunately do not have enough water space inside Japan like America. In other words, opportunity angler use bass boat is very limited in Japanese Lake.

Shin Tone River’s water color

With regards to water color of Shin Tone River in spring season, it is very important to predict how much water is muddy.

Some people say muddy water makes bass be relaxed and fisherman can relatively easily catch a baas or get their bites.

TOP 5 pattern from Shin Tone River

You may guess weigh in style as follows if you had a experience to watch bass master series.

However, that is totally different lol.

Please see below. This is Japanese H-1 GPX weigh-in style!! How cool it is!!

You can see very famous professional anglers inside.. Their name is Mr. Daisuke Kita and Mr. Kazuki Origane.

Please read this article and you can know who he is.

2017 JB TOP 50 1st match Onga River


They are Mr. Kazuki Origane(Left) and Mr. Daisuke Kita(Right).

Mr. Origane whom nick name is Orikin was 2016 H-1 AOY angler.

Mr. Daisuke Kita was 2016 JB TOP 50 AOY angler.

Unfortunately, though they could cull basses, they were disqualified from their penalties.

Orikin’s reason was run out of electric motor battery and Daisuke’s was lost of his entry cards.

Nobody had predicted this situation.

Mr. Daisuke Kita is super busy professional angler of JB TOP50 series, but he is going to join this H-1 GPX as possible as he can. So, we are very happy to know his intention!

Ok, let’s going back to each angler’s winning pattern.

5th Mr. Yusuke Fukushima 1,770g

Author who writes Namaro blog NEO has a good relationship with him. He gave beneficial advice for Namaro when he went to Mexico and fishing together with his bass boat last year. 

He is very core angler when he do a bass fishing in Shin Tone River because he usually focuses on big bait lure(Jackall Kawashi Mikey) or Chimushi handmade lures.

However, he surely had adjusted his fishing style to the way of tournament one.

4th Mr. Tatsuhiko Tsugaru 1,780g

He is very logical thinking angler and got 4th rank. His main sponsor is Nories and Hayabusa.


 3rd Mr. Keita Matsumoto 1,820g

HI guys, do you know his name? He is very famous local angler in Lake Kameyama by catching 60cm Large mouth bass. His main sponsor is Megabass. 

You can refer his You Tube movie how he modifies Megabass lures. It’s so beneficial!  

Mr. Matsumoto’s blog

<Fishing pattern>
He cast Megabass EELER with weight sticker by knocking the bottom. Very skillful technique!


2nd Mr. Toru Sasaki 1,890g

He was 2nd AOY Champion of H-1 GPX! He so much love Hiroshima Toyo Carp which is professional baseball team in Japan. You can see his excellent smile! He is also working in Basser (bass fishing magazine ) as a writer.

Winner (1st)  Mr. Ryo Sakurai 3,780g    

This is really cool H-1 weigh with truck in style in Japan!!

He was the only angler who got fish more than 3kg!! Mr. Sakurai is CEO of MPB Lures.

If you are really interested in MPB lures, please see below website.(Japanese only.) MPB LURES are getting very popular among anglers and it is not easy to get at fishing shop.

Give me E-mail if you would like to translate sentences to English.

Handmade Crankbait MPB LURES(Only Japanese available)

Not Only get 1st Place but also he got Big fish award!

<Winning Fishing Pattern>

He had already got 3 fish by 6:17am… Can you believe it??

His winning lures are as follows;

1,Smithwick  Rattlin’ Rogue by being tuned as a slow floating model (Main lure)
   He had cast it to the pile close to the bank and 2 times jerked&stop.This is effective way as a          
spring bass fishing pattern. 

2,MPB LURES Wild Bore(Please see website)

Here is also a secret tune for his lure. He frequently exchanged his treble hooks of rattlin’ rogue. We believe this careful his action led to his winning this time.

Not only usual size crankbait and jerkbait, but also he is expert of using magnum size crankbait.

You can not miss below movie!

Rock-paper-scissors Game!

 Mr. Daisuke Kita JBTOP50 2016AOY presented LEGIT DESIGN Rod as a giveaway.


Mr. Takei Yokoi presented his signature model rod “TAKE-C”.


Lucky angler was Lake Ushiku’s local angler.

Mr. Namaro’s ranking

Thank you so much our collaborate article even though it is so long sentences.

I am looking forward to seeing you for next article about H-1 GPX 2nd match.



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