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What is H-1 Grand Prix?

Do you know we have many many bass fishing tournament in Japan. Unfortunately, we do not have much water area here in Japan?

But, regardless of  this situation, we have Professional, Armature, Shops and friend tournaments.

I have already introduced Japanese top of top tournament,  JB TOP50.

2017 JB TOP50 Annual Schedule


 On the other hand, local tournament is now being so popular among Japanese bass fisherman.

The H1 Grand Prix is the one of the most famous tournament in Japan. I cannot say this is professional tournament because amateur angler also can join this tournament.  Actually this point is really good point and I will explain good points of this tournament.

Let me explain the H-1 Grand Prix(from now H-1GPX)

H-1 GPX is “All angler compete Bass fishing tournament under the same condition and they trail the different type of lake in each tournament. Then, No1 Hard-bait angler will be selected This is H-1 GPX. “

This message is quoted from H-1 tournament Director Mistuo Suzuki. He is great organizer of this H1 tournament from the beginning.

As you can see from the sentence, anger are not allowed to use soft-bait in this tournament. It means they can use only Hard-bait.

<Hard-bait Example >


http://namaro.blog.jp/20170123/noriesroadrunnnerhardbaitsp.html Nories Hard bait designed by Norio Tanabe.

I think this idea is very cool and good condition for each angler. It is because, not only amateur angler but also professional tournament angler like JB TOP 50 and other tournament can join this tournament. 

However, they also have to use rental boat for fishing with electric motor and sonar.  This is Japanese style! Please see below pictures.

With regards to weigh in, “Total Weight of 3 fish ” is applied for this tournament.

Through the 5 tournaments, winner will be chosen.

My blog’s main sponsor is Namaro Blog NEO

My article is most likely based on Mr. Ryutaro Namae’s blog which name is Namaro-Blog NEO.( The picture is Mr. Namaro)

He is my senior at Hosei University but our grade was different and we had never met before.

However one of my fishing friend (Also my senior at university) introduced him to me and we could be a friend.

He is also my mentor of blog. My blog is influenced by his blog.

He are sincerely devoted to join H-1GPX and reported the detail every time.

So,  we decided to collaborate each other about this H-1 GPX flash report not only in Japan but also all over the world.

I know usually bass fishing tournament is done by big size bass boat but I really would love to introduce Japanese style to everyone !

Namaro Blog NEO(Only Japanese is available)

Attractive Points

There are lots of attractive points in this H-1 GPX.

1, You can learn Japanese Bass fishing Boat style from this tournament.

2, Each sponsor maker’s present quality is so high(like Megabass, Jackal, Lucky Craft, Nories etc)

3, Angler’s entree fee will be reimbursed to anglers as a sponsored company gift cards.

4, Professional angler also can entry the tournament,which means amateur can have a conversation with them. 

These 4 points are totally different from other tournament.

2017 Annual Tournament Schedule

Here is annual tournament schedule of H-1 GPX.

2017 Tournament schedule 
  Date Place Sponsor
1st Match 4/23 Shin Tone River Ikkando
2nd Match 6/18 Lake Tsukui Yaguchi
3rd Match 7/9 Lake Kameyama TackleIsland
4th Match 9/3 Lake Sagami KEYPON
5th Match 10/9 Lake Ushiku Mishima

Super major Japanese fields were picked up for H-1 GPX. Let me introduce each fields.


4/23 Shin Tone River

Actually this tournament is being done today.

I thinks within a few days, Namro-san will write a blog article and I will translate it.

This river leads to lake Kasumi which is east biggest lake in Japan. So river can hold bunch of Large mouth bass.

1st match of 2015 was also held in this field. See below picture.

Mr. Yamakawa won this tournament with hand electric mortar.

This 1st match is important to organize annual tournament.

Namaro expectation around 3,000g.

6/18 Lake Tsukui

Lake Tsukui was used to be said that no angler catch large mouth bass.

Yet, thanks to control the environmental by people who conserve the field, Lake can hold much more bass than before.

Not only H1 GPX, but also Lake Tsukui Open which is so maniac tournament is also held from the past.

There is potential for each angler to catch big bass like 50 up. In Japan, 50 up is one of the goal to appeal to other angler.

This lake frequently change the water level due to the short of water around this lake area.

Though I will explain later, Lake Tsukui and Sagami are associated with each other.

Sometimes, they have to adjust the level in accordance with Sagai’s water level.

So, we have to be careful when do a bass fishing in this lake. For example,  more than 30 feet level down is usual.

 We hope we do much have a water in June.

Namaro Expectation: 2,700g 

7/9 Lake Kameyama

Lake Kameyama is the most famous lake which angler catch not only big bass but also lots of large mouth bass with variety of lures.

Moreover, rental boat service is well developed compared to other lake.

In 2016, Mr. Tsutomu Kawashima who is sponsored by Jackal won this tournament.

As I explained, variety of lure is efficient for this field.  Field has shallow area, cover area and structure as well.

There is also potential for angler who focuses on Big baits or top-water.

Namaro expectation: 3,100g

9/3 Lake Sagami 


As I noted in the Lake Tsukui portion, Lake Sagami is associated with Lake Tsukui.

Lake Sagami was selected last spring in 2016. At that time, some lucky angler could catch super big fish.

In this time, 2017, fall season. Angler can see bait fish in the Akiyama River and big bass will chase them.

Besides, it is much easier to catch small size bass. But we need to focus on big one!

Namaro expectation: 2,600g

10/9 Lake Ushiku

Let’s compete each other! Final tournament will be held in Lake USHIKU!!!

This lake is so famous because it is very very hard to catch a bass through the year.

Even though local angler who fish in Lake Ushiku every week, they sometimes no fish could happen. 

This lake is A rank for catching bass.

Mr. Mitsuo Suzuki chose this Ushiku as a final destination. This meas angler has chance to do a big turning back!










Mr. Takahashi won this Lake Ushiku in 2016. He got 4lb kicker fish for weighing in!

H-1 GPX adopts “Total weight system”, so angler can lift up their rank by culling big fish.

Namaro expectation: 4,200g

AOY champion can visit USA

2016 AOY was Mr. Kazuki Origane!His nick name is Orikin!

Though he did not won each tournament, he got consistent rank and got Angler of the Year.

Well prepared tactics is required for this H-1 GPX and he was smart guy!

As I mentioned, each angler have to book rental boat. It is not easy because many angler tries to book it.

As to this point, I would like to introduce in other article.

Anyway, this tournament is so attractive for all angler. If you are interested in it, it is really appreciated.

Please focus on 2017 H-1 GPX!!!!

Thanks for reading long article! 



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