【From Today!】JB TOP50 1st match Gary International CUP in Onga River★

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Today, the 1st match will be held in Onga River at Kyushu Prefecture.


Source: JB website (Some pictures were quoted from JB website) 

Onga River info


Las JB Top 50 tournament in Onga River was held in 2015.


In this time, Takayuki Koike was winner with the weight of 8,562g.

2017 schedule is very close to that of 2015, so winning weight may be around 9kg!?

2015 JB TOP 50 photo review

The photo winner was Takayuki Koike.

Koike’s  winning lures were below.

Lure 1: Megabass DeepX-200

Lure 2:Eggball 1/4+ 4inch twintail grab

Lure 3:Gary Yamamoto 5inch Cuttail

JB TOP50 Annual Schedule

You can find year schedule from below twitter article.


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