IMAE had fallen from the TOP..【Day3 Final / Flash Report!】JB TOP50 1st match Gary International CUP in Onga River★

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Source: JB twitter, JB/NBC websiteK.IMAE Top Secret


IMAE had no fish in Final Day.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t catch any fish in final day due to thick cloudy and lower temperature.

Not only Katsutaka Imae but also other angler could not catch even 1 fish.

Among 30 angler in Day3, the number of no fish angler was 13.

You can easily guess how hard their Day 3.

However, he somehow keep his 4th rank thanks to his top weight in Day 1 and Day 2.

The total weight regulation’s merit is this point and you can keep upper rank unless you are 

able to cull high weight in other days.

Katsutaka Imae, thank you very much for your performance in Day 1 and Day 2.

I know you miss first tournament winning in a row for 3 years, which you kept top rank

for first 2 days of 3 days but no fish in a final day.


I hope you can do it in a next year, so your continuous effort and performance are highly appreciated.

Top 5 Final Ranking and Points

Name Day1 
#1. Naoyuki Ichimura2,424g3,058g698g6,180g60p
#2. Kazuma Sasa0g4,855g1,174g6,029g59p
#3. Manabu Seki2,276g1,406g2,262g5,944g58p
#4. Katsutaka Imae3,226g2,456g0g5,682g57p
#5. Natsuki Fujita500g3,078g2,006g5,584g56p

As you may know, JB TOP 50 tournament returning time is usually 3pm but it was 1pm in a Day 3.

That means angler had only 5 hours to fish and it seemed like that they had big pressure. 

Weather forecast says that it would be fine but very thick cloudy influenced water temperature went down. 

“Adjusting” was required for each angler to beat this severe condition.

Winner was Naoyuki Ichimura!

In Day3, Ichimura only got 1 fish and this fish was a key fish to win this tournament.

I can say he was so lucky man and has good strategy to beat severe condition.

  1. Fish small size flat area so-called B level area which nobody cast lure.
  2. Skip good break which had sharp up and down.
  3. A limited route area which bass use when they come to shallow.

His good tactics had lead to his winning.

Winning lure is as follow;

Shad and strait worm.


Next tournament will be held in Yasaka Reservoir in Hiroshima from June 2nd -4th.

I will also report in English of this tournament. Please enjoy Japanese tournament with curiosity.

JB TOP 50 2nd tournament : June 2nd -4th Yasaka Reservor in Hiroshima.

JB TOP 50 Annual tournament schedule.

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