KATSUTAKA IMAE made it!!【Day2 Flash Report!】JB TOP50 1st match Gary International CUP in Onga River★

Hi good morning everyone! This is fishing translator Sabuism(@sabu94_1982).

I am packing all my stuff to go to Vietnam.

Though my training span is 2 weeks and Vietnam plant president will take me to his beach.

Then, I have a chance to go fishing in Vietnam Sea. I do not know what kind of fish I can get.

But, let me do it and I will report later. 



Source: JB twitter, JB/NBC website

Your are man, Katsutaka Imae !!

Well, actually he made it! He got 1st rank in day 2 as well.

Even though his day2 weight is not much heavy, he somehow stay at 

1st rank due to day 1’s weight.

Source :Tsuri Plus

TOP5 Name and weight

You can see top 5 member, weight and number of fish.

Name  Day1 
Fish Day2 
Fish Day1&2 Total 
#1. Katsutaka Imae 3,226g 3 2,456g 2 5,682g 5
#4. Naoyuki Ichimura 2,424g 3 3,058g 4 5,482g 7
#2. Shingo 2,960g 3 1,476g 2 4,436g 5
#4. Toshiro Ono 1,452g 2 2,388g 2 3,840g 4
#5. Manabu Seki 2,276g 4 1,406g 2 3,682g 6

Compared to Day 1, some angler fall out side of top 5 but veteran angler came in !!


Naoyuki Ichimura


Toshiro Ono


TOP 30 goes to Final Day(Day3)

 TOP 30 member will go to Final Day(Day3).

You can access to JB website and check all professional angler’s name.

JB TOP30 member in Lake Onga 

As Katsutaka Imae was away from his winning these years, so I would like him to win the tournament.

 Looking forward to seeing final day result.

By the way, Tsuri Vision will broadcast JB tournament as a LIVE.

Please check it if you are available for watching.( Unfortunately all Japanese…)

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