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How to use HydroWaves effectively(5/6/2016)


In last week’s blog I mentioned myexperiences with the HydroWave during the Bassmaster Elite tournament at Wheeler and said I’d delve into the details of HydroWave usage this week.

(前回のブログにて、Wheeler LakeでのバスマスターエリートシリーズにHydrowaveの経験について述べました。そして今週はHydrowaveの使用方法について掘り下げてみたいと思います。


 After Wheeler, I participated in a TH Marine media event. The HydroWave, which is now under TH Marine ownership, was a big topic of discussion among the writers at Guntersville. It always draws a lot of questions from anglers when I’m doing seminars. Perhaps I can answer some of those questions here.

(Wheeler戦の後、私はTH Marineメディアのイベントに参加しましました。ここTH Marineでのイベントで話しているHydrowaveですが、ガンターズビルのライター達の間では大きな議論を呼ぶトピックとなっています。セミナーを行う際には官らずと言っていい程アングラー達から多くの質問を貰います。そのうちの幾つかについてここで解説したいと思います。)


 I’ve been involved with HydroWave from the beginning and have seen what it can do for my fishing. Like all fishing equipment, the technology has improved substantially each year.



But don’t assume it’s a “fishcall” that drives bass wild. It’s not going to draw every fish to your lure ormake them bite every time. What it does – and I’ve seen it happen many times –is manipulate the mood and activity of baitfish and bass when used in theappropriate situation. When you get baitfish and bass riled, good things happen.

(しかし、これがバスを興奮させるための”Fish Call”と思わないでほしい。何時でもどんな魚をあなたのルアーに寄せたり、バイトさせるものではありません。過去に沢山の事象を見てきましたが、これがどういうものかと言うと、適切な状況での使用において、ベイトフィッシュとバスのやる気や活動を操作するものです。ベイトフィッシュやバスを攻撃的にした時、良い状況になります。)


How does it do it?  (では、どのようにするのか?)

The HydroWave uses actual soundpatterns recorded of baitfish and/or bass feeding on bait and emits those
recordings through a speaker strapped to the trolling motor head. There areseveral sound patterns, each one designed for specific situations. It’s up to the angler to assess the conditions and choose the appropriate pattern.



I run my unit every minute I’mfishing, but I always preset the sounds to match conditions beforehand. Iconsider weather, seasonal pattern, water clarity and the forage base on thatlake. It’s similar to how I choose a lure, lure colors and how I present them.Match the hatch, you know?




The objective is to create anatural sound for the underwater world to activate fish. The sounds emulate nervous baitfish or bass feeding on baitfish.

(その目的は、魚を活性化させる為に自然なサウンドを水面下で生み出す為です。その音は神経質なベイトフィッシュやバスがベイトを捕食する音をまねます。 )


 There are settings for shad,crawfish, shiners and blue herring in different scenarios. For example, you can run one for deep baitfish, baitfish in lily pads, shad spawn, bluegill spawncrawfish on rocks and many more.


The company is constantly updatingand adding new sounds. They are recorded in lakes around the country underspecific conditions to get the precise natural sounds.


I choose a sound pattern that matches the conditions. If there is wind andcloud cover and conditions are conducive for active bass, I will run a more aggressive pattern. If it’s slick and sunny, I will opt for subtle, low key finesse sound mixes. If I’m fishing ledges, I will use the deep baitfish pattern.



One mistake anglers make is theythink louder is better, but that’s not the case. Sound travels farther than youthink underwater, so I rarely go higher than 60 percent on the sound, and that’s only when there is a lot of wind and underwater background noise. Most
of the time I’m at 20 percent volume.


 I’m not trying to get every bass or baitfish in the lake to hear mysounds, just those within close proximity of where I’m fishing.

(私は、レイクの全てのバスやベイトフィッシュにこの音を聞かせようとは 思っていません。ただ、自分が釣りをしている近くの範囲内で使用しようと考えています。)

 I often run my sound patterns on a delay, meaning the sound will turn on and off in 30-secondintervals. Imagine bass sitting on a point or in brush piles with baitfish around. When that sound goes off, the bait gets nervous and the bass startchasing. That’s what can trigger the bite because it replicates what goes on in nature.




I’m not the only believer, as mostElite anglers are using them and they’re not getting paid to endorse it.They’re constantly sharing stories about their experiences.


 Again, the HydroWave is just atool like anything else used in fishing. When used properly and under the right conditions, you can activate fish or keep them active for longer periods. And the more you use it, the more confidence you will gain in what works best for you.
Remember, it’s all about the attitude!

(繰り返すようですが、他の道具同様に このHydrowaveもただ単なる道具に過ぎない。魚を活性化出来るし、それを長い間持続させる事が出来る。 そして、使えば使う程、何が自分にとってベストであるものを得る事が出来るでしょう。覚えておいてほしい、全てはあなたの姿勢次第です!)






Have a Great Fishing!

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