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Jim Edlund(ジム・エドラウド氏によるインタビュー記事です。)


KVD’s comeback: In his own words May 22, 2016

Bass fishing is a lot like any sport. Fall into a slump and critics crawl out of the woodwork. And with today’s multitude of media, there are way too many opinions flying around — most of all in the realm of social media, where everyone’s an expert.


But the squawk boxes are a little quieter this week for Kevin VanDam as bass fishing’s icon commanded a wire-to-wire win at the A.R.E. Truck Caps Bassmaster Elite on Louisiana’s famed Toledo Bend, ending a five-year drought between major wins.

(しかし、そのようなやかましい箱(メディア)も今週はバスマスターエリートシリーズToledo Bendで優勝したケビン・バンダム選手の勝利で少しは静かです。)

With the world watching, the four-time Bassmaster Classic champion and seven-time Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year weighed a whopping 96-pound, 2-ounce four-day total, eclipsing second place by nearly eight pounds. The $100,000 brings VanDam’s career winnings to just shy
of $6 million.


For Kevin, this win was personal. It was along and torturous road filled with late nights, early mornings, miles of travel, and weeks of being away from home. But there was one thing that didn’t change, his iron-forged perseverance.


I sat down and talked with Kevin about how it all happened and how it feels to be back on top. Here’s a peek inside the boat and the mind of someone who could be bass angling’s greatest of all-time.


KVD: I didn’t know what to expect going into the first day. Practice was really windy, which made it hard to fish offshore, but I got a few bites,
so I knew I’d get to fish how I like. I spent a lot of time studying the new Toledo Bend LakeMaster map on my Humminbird Helix 10 and just graphing with Side Imaging, Down Imaging and 2D Sonar.

(初日はどうなるのか分からなかったんだ。プラクティスでは本当に風が強くて、オフショアの魚を獲ることは出来なかったけども、少しのバイトはあった。なので、どのように魚を獲るかは分かっていたよ。私はHumminbird Helix 10の魚探、スライドイメージ図、縮小図、2Dソナーを用いて、本当に多くの時間を費やし、このあたしいToledo Bend研究の為に勉強した。)


KVD: Bass were in transition from post-spawn to summer structure, which on Toledo means deeper ledges, humps and spots close to creek channels or the main river channel itself. The water was also really high, so they were pulling some water and the current through the lake moved the bass to outside points. So I tried to find areas like the outside large spawning flats that would hold a large concentration of fish.

(バスはポストスポーンからサマーストラクチャーに移行している最中だったんだ。つまり、Toledo Bendでは深い岩棚、ハンプ、メインリーバーチャンネル乃至はクリークチャンネルの傍のスポットです。水温も非常に高くて、バス達はいくらかの水域から追い出され、湖の水流もバス達を外側へと移動させた。なので、私はバス達を多くストックしているであろう広大なスポーニングフラットの外側となるエリアを探す事に努めたんだ。)


KVD: It played a big role. I know the Humminbird LakeMaster guys surveyed Toledo Bend when the water was low and basically destroyed two boats and a bunch of props to get the very best detail possible. That says a lot. The Toledo Bend map on the new LakeMaster Mid-South States card version 3 is almost overwhelming because there’s so much detail. I fished around Housen in Six Mile, two major creeks in the lower end of the lake, and it was stunning what that map revealed. But it’s the same thing with LakeMaster HD maps everywhere I go, from Kentucky Lake to Guntersville, Sam Rayburn, too. There are no more secrets. For me, it’s actually kind of bittersweet, because now everybody can
see the same things that I used to have to work so hard to find. But it’s going to help a lot of anglers become better fishermen.

(とても大きな役割を果たしたね。Humminbird LakeMasterについては、地形調査をした人達は水位が低い時に調査したんだ。より詳細でベストなデータを得る為に2つのボートと多くのプロップを壊してまでね。沢山の事を教えてくれた。New LakeMaster Mid-South States card version 3に搭載されているToledo Bendのマップは、本当に多くのディテールが登録されていて、圧倒される位なんです。私は6マイル位離れたHouseエリアのレイク以南の2つのメジャークリークを釣っていて、驚く程マップが教えてくれたんだ。でもね、Kentucky Lake から GuntersvilleSam Rayburnに行ったとしても私が行く所全てがこのLake Master HDのマップ上では同じ事なんだ。もはやそこにはシークレットは何もない。本当は私にとってこれは、ある種の嬉しくもあり悲しい事でもあるんだ。なぜなら今は誰でも同じものを見る事が出来るし、それは私が以前見つける為に身を粉にしてやらなければならなかった事だからね。でも、それが良いアングラーを育てる為に手助けになると思う。)


KVD: I had some spots where fish were as shallow as 15’ or as deep as 30’. One of the biggest fish I caught was on a 28’ hump. So, the big thing for me was zooming in and out when I got to these areas. On a 500-foot scale mapping with LakeMaster, you get a great view of everything that’s in the region – how the spot you’re looking at lays out and what’s surrounding it and how fish might funnel to it. But it’s also critical to zoom into the 50-foot scale so you can get the precise line and cast off the ends of these points, especially after I graphed them. Once I had that plot trail I’d use it as a line to make my cast.



KVD: Because there was so much timber and structure, I used a lot of 2D SONAR and Down Imaging in split-screen view. Being able to see both images side-by-side allowed me to discern the different types of fish, was the key. There are so many baitfish, white bass, and yellow bass in Toledo Bend that a critical part is being able to tell what’s what on your electronics.


When they weren’t pulling water, the bass were setting up on or just outside points and ledges, and hanging close to the bottom. The white bass were a lot higher up and farther off the drops. The large-mouths would be one or two feet off the bottom and I could actually see them on my Humminbird, turn around, make a cast and catch ‘em. And that’s what I found in practice and was able to expand on during the tournament.



KVD: I like to fish crankbaits during postspawn because I can be very efficient — not only can I cover a lot of water, I can tell the difference
between hard and soft bottom. If I’m in 15 to 20 feet, I’m going to throw a Strike King 6XD; if I’m in that 19 to 24 feet, I like the 8XD; if I’m anywhere
from 20 to 30 feet, the 10XD is the way to go, especially if you’re trying to target big fish on Toledo Bend. The whole family of baits allows me to cover the 15- to 30-zone really well.

(私は、ポストスポーン期間にクランクベイトで釣る事が好きなんです、それはとっても効率的なんです。多くの水域をカバー出来るだけでなく、ハードやソフトボトムの違いを教えてくれます。もし15-20フィートの場所に居たならば、ストライクキング社の6XDを投げるでしょう。それが19-24フィートなら8XD 、そしてどんな場所でも20-30フィートあれば迷わず10XDとなります。特にToledo Bendのビッグフィッシュを取ろうとするのであればです。本当によくこのXDファミリーは20-30フィートをカバーしてくれるクランクベイトなんです。)
I have a cranking system that I worked with Quantum to develop that includes 7-foot, 10-inch or 7-foot, 11-inch medium-heavy or heavy- action composite cranking rods and my signature 5.3:1 gear ratio baitcasting reel for power. Depending on the crankbait, I use 12- to 17-pound fluorocarbon.(私のクランクシステムは、Quantumの道具とともにあります。それは7フィート、7フィート11インチのMH or Hアクションのクランク用コンポジットロッド、そしてパワーのある5.31のベイトリールです。クランクベイトの種類にもよりますが、12-17lbのフロロラインを使用します。)


KVD: I reeled my crankbait down over a hump that topped out at 28 feet,
and I got hung up in brush. As soon as I popped it free that fish bit it. I set
the hook, loaded up, and I knew it was a big one. It immediately swam into a
treetop, so I just kept pressure on it, eventually getting it to swim out of
the tree. Once the fish was inside the boat I was so excited that I jerked the
hook out of the fish and into my hand!
I had the fish in one hand and
had to cull a little pound and half fish and put that big one in the live well
with a Strike King 10XD 2/O Mustad treble stuck in my hand. Fortunately,
Garrick Dixon is one of the camera guys who was pretty close, and I walked him
through the procedure for the painless hook removal. It worked like a charm.(28フィートにあったハンプの頂点を丁度クランクベイトで巻いていて、そこにひっかけました。ルアーが離れるや否やそのバスがバイトしてきました。フッキングし、負荷をかけた時にビッグバスであることが分かりました。そのバスは急にツリートップに向かって走り出したため、ずっとプレッシャーをバスにかけ続けました。ボートにバスを揚げるやいなや余りに興奮して、バスからフックを外した際に自分の手に挿してしまいました。私は自分の手にStrike King 10XD 2/O Mustad trebleが刺さりながらも、そのビッグフィッシュを片手に持ち、ライブウェルの小さな1lbバスを獲り上げて入れ替えることをしました。幸いにも、近くにカメラ万のGarrick

Following your win, how do you feel about the rest of the season?


KVD: I’ve had an up and down season to this point. I had a couple good events to start off and was in good shape, but I’ve had a couple really bad
days, too, the last at Wheeler. To have a great event here at Toledo Bend, unarguably the best bass lake in the country really makes it special. I could not have done it without my Humminbird units and LakeMaster mapping. I’m proud to be with a company that understands the importance of investing in accurate mapping.

(今回までアップダウンのあるシーズンを送ってきました。良い形でスタートを切れる大会も幾つかありましたが、前回のWheelerレイク戦のように本当に悪いものも幾つかありました。このToledo Bendで素晴らしい大会をする為に、全米でもベストバスレイクと疑いの無いこの湖は、今回の大会を特別な物にしてくれました。Humminbirdの魚探とLake Masterのマッピング無しには無し得なかったことです。正確なマッピングを調査することの重要性を理解している会社と一緒に入れることを誇りに思います。)




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